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Zob 16 inch Stemless Inline Diffused Beaker Wubbler Red & White Label

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Zob Stemless Inline Diffused Beaker Wubbler. This stemless beaker from Zob Glass is part of their Wubbler series.  It stands approx. 16 inches tall.  This thing is a beast!  It features an inline diffuser with 7 slits, which makes this beaker bubble like a champ.  The stemless design eliminates the down stem.  The large mouthpiece on the Wubbler is bent at a gentle angle for comfort.  It's made with 5mm. thick glass.  Like all Zobs, it comes with a 18mm ground glass slide.  Zob made an awesome pipe here!  Zob goes to great lengths to make sure each piece is one of a kind, so the label will most likely be different than the one pictured.   - Perc:  7 Slit Inline Diffuser - Height: 16.00 inches - Base Width: 4.50 inches - Glass Thickness: 5.00mm. - Slide: 18.00mm. Ground Glass Slide - Made in California